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Mastering Math, Reading and Writing!

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“I’m working on Unit 8 of my math – Measurements and Multiplication. I feel like I can finish it in a couple weeks and move on to Unit 9. Math is my favorite subject. I love having Ms. Erika as a teacher. She helps me with math and vocab and every single subject. She’s always polite. Anytime I do something for her, she thanks me. I love Ms. Rebecca, too. She helps me with my work and she’s very polite. I love going to Ms. Karey and Ms. Jen. I love going outside and playing soccer with my friends. I love helping people. I also love reading and writing. That’s something that I never thought I’d actually like but I do.” -J. (4th grade student)

Jen NickersonMastering Math, Reading and Writing!
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1st Grade Success!

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“I like school and I like tutoring! I’m learning songs and all my ABC’s. I learned how to count. I use my fingers sometimes and it’s so easy. Ms. Rose (teacher) and Ms. Hope (tutor) are teaching me. I like them. I learned how to make animals. I made a magic penguin and an airplane. Ms. Rose taught me how to write my name. I have friends that I like to play with. I like to make a really good taco out of play-doh. I like to sing the “Days of the Week” song and the “Months of the Year” song with Ms. Rose and my friends. -V. (1st grade student)

Jen Nickerson1st Grade Success!
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Here’s What We’re Doing to Keep Our Staff & Students Safe

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Cleaning and Sanitizing

We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our building under normal circumstances.  Additional cleaning and sanitizing protocols have been implemented as follows:

  • routine sanitizing and cleaning of common areas throughout the day
  • routine sanitizing of high-traffic, high-touch surfaces
  • tutoring tables and chairs are disinfected throughout the day
  • tutoring tables and chairs are disinfected between tutoring sessions and again when the building is closed for the day
  • entire building is cleaned and sanitized each night, including wiping down all surfaces in every room and fogging with a military-grade disinfectant, Decon 7
  • Every child will have his/her temperature taken upon arrival and any child showing any signs of illness or who has recently been around someone who is ill will not be allowed in the building.

Tutoring Set Up

  • Students will be seated to maximize the distance between seats.
  • Students are expected to socially distance.
  • Sharing of materials and supplies will be minimized.

Handwashing/Hand Sanitizing

  • Students will be encouraged to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer.

Masks or Face Shields

  • All CLC Academy staff and tutors must wear masks or face shields.
  • Tutoring students may wear masks or face shields but are not required to unless requested by the parents.
Jen NickersonHere’s What We’re Doing to Keep Our Staff & Students Safe
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Donated educational posters dress up our center!

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Community Learning Center would like to give a huge shout out to Chris Blackerby of and Bryant Guzman of Bryant Guzman Services, Inc. for their generous donation of educational posters for our classrooms. These high-quality posters help make our tutoring rooms appealing to students while also providing educational content such as planets, maps, days of the week and ABC’s. Thank you for making this the best start of the school year yet!

Jen NickersonDonated educational posters dress up our center!
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PostcardMania helps our students get ready for school!

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The magnificent Joy Gendusa, Founder and CEO of PostcardMania, and her incredible Executives and staff held an in-house fundraiser to help our students start the new school year off right! They donated backpacks filled with school supplies for every student in our K – 3rd grade classes! They also donated brand new PE equipment and gift certs to Publix and Bro’s Pizza for a student pizza party! The students, parents and staff are grateful for the generous donations and always appreciate the ongoing support from Joy and her stellar PostcardMania team. *Pictured: PostcardMania’s Sophie Klein (left) with CLC Executive Director Jen Nickerson (right)

Jen NickersonPostcardMania helps our students get ready for school!
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English as a Second Language Tutoring Success!

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“Yesterday I went to (a) restaurant and I saw in the menu the word ‘dip.’ I say to my husband, ‘Wow, I know this word. Let’s order this!’”

“I feel that I speak English much better. Before I felt worried when I spoke to some people, but now I don’t worry.” –T.Z. (adult ESL student)

Jen NickersonEnglish as a Second Language Tutoring Success!
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Math made easy! We help adults, too.

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“I came in to clear up some of my confusions on math. As a senior citizen who loves to study, I knew this area was popping up enough to give me quite a bit of trouble. So we took care of the questions and mysteries and it’s now a fun and interesting subject to me.”

“I liked the approach to the subject I needed help with. I learned the history, various origins, purposes and failures and stupidities of math! Greatly raised my confront, affinity and understanding of all types of math. It was great!” -S.S. (adult student)

Jen NickersonMath made easy! We help adults, too.
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Summer Program FUN in the Sun!

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About Our Summer Program

Our program is a combination of academics and fun summer activities to keep your child learning and winning! It is run by experienced teachers. The schedule is Monday through Friday from 8:35 am to 2:35 pm through July 31, 2020. Aftercare is optional and available until 5:15 pm.

We offer free assessment testing to all of our students so that we may customize an academic program to fit each child’s needs.

Safety protocols are in place for a fun and safe experience!

Each week of Summer Program there are games, activities, arts and crafts, water play and a kid movie day in addition to an academic program that focuses on proficiency. There is something to interest everyone!

Please call us at (727) 441-4444 to register your child!

Jen NickersonSummer Program FUN in the Sun!
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