Tutoring Services

Benefits of Professional Tutoring

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Tutoring can have a direct effect on a student’s academic performance. Through one-on-one instruction, tutors can help students understand the material more fully and identify areas of weakness. Tutors can help students develop better study habits, such as taking notes, outlining material, and using study guides.

Tutors can provide support and motivation to help students stay on track with their studies while also building a student’s self-confidence.

Tutors can provide a positive environment for learning, which can help students feel more comfortable asking questions and trying new things. Tutors can help students build strong critical thinking skills and feel more confident in their ability to tackle challenging material.

Finally, tutoring can help students develop better time management skills and help them learn how to prioritize tasks. Tutors can help students plan out their studies more efficiently and identify areas where they can improve their study habits.

If you’re looking for a way to help your student succeed, tutoring may be the perfect solution. We can help! Give us a call at (727) 441-4444.

Jen NickersonBenefits of Professional Tutoring
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We’re hiring!

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Come work with an on-purpose and fun group that is passionate about education! This is a rewarding job where you help children master their education and become more able in life. ❤️ Part-time paid positions, flexible schedule, meet new people and make friends!

Kristen HarperWe’re hiring!
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Student Success!

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“I always learn new things with my tutor, Ms. Elisabeth. She’s nice. I’ve been doing lots of math with her. I’ve done pluses and minuses and times. Sometimes, I do my homework with her and it makes me happy. It makes me feel excited to do work with her. I like that I can finish it and then turn it in the next day. And Ms. Elisabeth makes me laugh a lot.” -D. (2nd grade student)

Kristen HarperStudent Success!
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Adult Student Success!

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“Today is my third day at CLC and the feeling of accomplishment is wonderful! I am a 56-year-old woman who has never understood math until I met Sioux (CLC tutor). In three days, I have caught on to division, my worst fear of all. I will continue to come to see Sioux and continue my learning here. This is just the beginning of my journey!”  –J.K. (adult college-bound student)

Jen NickersonAdult Student Success!
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Hurricane Eta Information

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Community Learning Center is closely monitoring Hurricane Eta’s path. All in-person tutoring sessions for Wed. afternoon and all day Thurs. have been canceled. We will follow the Pinellas County Schools schedule for reopening.

Tutoring students, please contact your tutor directly with questions. Schedules for online tutoring students remain unchanged.

Pinellas County Schools works closely with Pinellas County Emergency Management to monitor storms and their impact to our region. You may check for weather updates at: www.pcsb.org/weather and check our Facebook page for updates. Stay safe!

Jen NickersonHurricane Eta Information
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1st Grade Success!

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“I like school and I like tutoring! I’m learning songs and all my ABC’s. I learned how to count. I use my fingers sometimes and it’s so easy. Ms. Rose (teacher) and Ms. Hope (tutor) are teaching me. I like them. I learned how to make animals. I made a magic penguin and an airplane. Ms. Rose taught me how to write my name. I have friends that I like to play with. I like to make a really good taco out of play-doh. I like to sing the “Days of the Week” song and the “Months of the Year” song with Ms. Rose and my friends. -V. (1st grade student)

Jen Nickerson1st Grade Success!
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Here’s What We’re Doing to Keep Our Staff & Students Safe

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Cleaning and Sanitizing

We pride ourselves on the cleanliness of our building under normal circumstances.  Additional cleaning and sanitizing protocols have been implemented as follows:

  • routine sanitizing and cleaning of common areas throughout the day
  • routine sanitizing of high-traffic, high-touch surfaces
  • tutoring tables and chairs are disinfected throughout the day
  • tutoring tables and chairs are disinfected between tutoring sessions and again when the building is closed for the day
  • entire building is cleaned and sanitized each night, including wiping down all surfaces in every room and fogging with a military-grade disinfectant, Decon 7
  • Every child will have his/her temperature taken upon arrival and any child showing any signs of illness or who has recently been around someone who is ill will not be allowed in the building.

Tutoring Set Up

  • Students will be seated to maximize the distance between seats.
  • Students are expected to socially distance.
  • Sharing of materials and supplies will be minimized.

Handwashing/Hand Sanitizing

  • Students will be encouraged to wash their hands and use hand sanitizer.

Masks or Face Shields

  • All CLC Academy staff and tutors must wear masks or face shields.
  • Tutoring students may wear masks or face shields but are not required to unless requested by the parents.
Jen NickersonHere’s What We’re Doing to Keep Our Staff & Students Safe
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