Tornado in a Bottle Science Experiment For Younger Kids

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  1. Fill your bottle about ¾ full with clean water.
  2. Add a small squirt of dish soap to your water.
  3. Add food coloring or glitter for a more vibrant effect (optional).
  4. Tightly seal your bottle.
  5. After all of these steps are finished, rapidly spin your bottle in circular motion until you see a tiny spinning tornado!
Kristen HarperTornado in a Bottle Science Experiment For Younger Kids
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Ways to Help Your Child with Spelling

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  1. Drill daily: Make sure your child is keeping in the work to improve and progressively getting better day by day as he trains to become a better speller.
  2. Encourage spelling: Always acknowledge good work and remind him to keep it up. If he ever loses confidence, be willing to work with him and make learning more enjoyable.
  3. Make spelling fun: Incorporate games in the activities. Learning to spell will be much more fun when your child is able to look forward to games that will help with his progress.
  4. Let your child move at his own pace: Never rush him to learn anything that he’s not getting. Every child has his own gradient. Allow him to process what he is learning at his own pace. It is also important to recognize his progress. Don’t keep him on a spelling level that he has already spent enough time drilling. Acknowledge his progress and allow him to move on once he’s ready.
Kristen HarperWays to Help Your Child with Spelling
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Is Your Child Having Trouble in School?

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Imagine the impact that low academic skills can have on your child’s future. Visualize the disappointment they feel when they find it difficult to understand concepts in class or struggle to complete assignments. These obstacles can hinder their progress and limit their potential to achieve greatness. However, there is a solution that can turn the tide in their favor: one-on-one tutoring that is customized to fit what your child needs.

Our students regularly achieve a full grade level of improvement with less that 30 hours of tutoring. Please call us at 727-441-4444. We are eager to help your child succeed!

Kristen HarperIs Your Child Having Trouble in School?
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Fun Volcano Experiment to Do at Home

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-Baking soda
-Plastic cup
-Food coloring
-Large container (like a bucket)


  1. Pour 1/3 cup of baking soda into the plastic cup.
  2. Add a few drops of food coloring to the baking soda to make the “lava” look more interesting.
  3. Position the plastic cup in the middle of the large container.
  4. Pour 1 cup of vinegar into the container and watch the “volcano” erupt.
  5. Once the eruption has stopped, take a look at the inside of the plastic cup. You should see a mound of baking soda and food coloring — this is the “volcano.”
  6. To make the volcano erupt again, just pour more vinegar into the container.
Kristen HarperFun Volcano Experiment to Do at Home
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Help Your Child Study at Home

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1. Establishing a regular study routine is key to helping your child develop good study habits. Set aside a specific time each day for studying and make sure your child sticks to it.

2. Create a distraction-free environment for your child to study in. This could be a quiet room in the house or a specific desk or table. Make sure the area is well lit and free of distractions such as video games, television, and cell phones.

3. Praise your child for their efforts and recognize their successes. Let them know that you are there to support them and offer guidance and assistance when needed.

4. Encourage your child to take notes, review their material regularly, and break large tasks into smaller chunks.

5. Every child has a unique learning style. Be aware of your child’s learning style and accommodate it when helping them with their academic work.

6. Make sure your child enjoys learning. Find ways to make it fun and engaging for them. This could include incorporating games.

7. Ensure your child always has an age-appropriate dictionary to hand and knows how to look up any misunderstood words.

Kristen HarperHelp Your Child Study at Home
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5 Fun Science Activities to Do with Your Child

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1. Create an Edible Aquifer – Use different layers of items such as fruits and vegetables to show an example of how water moves through an aquifer.

2. Make a Tornado in a Bottle – Create a small tornado in a bottle by adding water, dish soap and a few drops of food coloring to a large bottle and swishing it around with the cap on.

3. Grow a Bean Plant – Growing a bean plant is a great introductory science activity to explore the life cycle on a small scale.

4. Create a Volcano – Create a volcano using a bottle, clay, and baking soda and vinegar to explore chemical reactions.

5. Create an Electric Motor – Build a motor using a battery, magnet, wire, and a nail to explore the concepts of electromagnetism.

Kristen Harper5 Fun Science Activities to Do with Your Child
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Fun Ways To Practice Addition

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Fun ways to practice adding with your child:

1. Make an adding game using cards or pieces of paper with numbers written on them. Have your child pick two cards or pieces of paper and add the numbers together.

2. Create a number line on the floor with tape. Help your child move along the line to add the numbers together.

3. Use everyday objects like blocks, toys or even food for your child to add together.

4. Show your child different addition problems and have him/her draw pictures to represent the problems.

5. Games like Monopoly and Yahtzee can be used to teach basic addition skills. Have your child practice adding up their money for purchases or the score of their roll.

6. Create a game board with different squares and when the child lands on a square have them solve an addition problem.

Kristen HarperFun Ways To Practice Addition
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We Need a Little Christmas – CLC 2020

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Ms. Erika and Ms. Roz’s classes bring cheer and joy to the holidays with their version of We Need a Little Christmas! Special thanks to Roxy who lent her vocal coaching talent to these students! Also special thanks to Lynn and Oriana from Consumer Energy Solutions for all the beautiful decorations and for the wonderful video editing!


Jen NickersonWe Need a Little Christmas – CLC 2020
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