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Grades improved and self-confidence went up – Success Story!

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“I, D.R., the mother of T., am very pleased to write this success story. T. started math tutoring at Community Learning Center around the end of the fall quarter in 7th grade. She is very lucky to have Ms. Sioux as her math tutor. T. was getting average grades when she started. After she started her tutoring with Ms. Sioux, not only her grades improved but her self-confidence went up. She is now more and more interested in learning math and English. Now, she is in 8th grade and she is taking 9th grade Algebra and 9th grade English.”

“I am very happy and I highly recommend Community Learning Center tutoring. I am very thankful to the entire staff and heartily appreciate all the support and assistance from Ms. Sioux.” –D.R. (mother of 8th grade student)

Jen NickersonGrades improved and self-confidence went up – Success Story!
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Student Success – Straight A’s in School Now!

1st success – “Since I came from another country I was doing bad in school because I didn’t have that much language structure. So I started the tutoring, and in less than two months I was able to improve from 180 to 215 words in the Florida system (testing). My grades last grading period were C’s and D’s. Now I have all B’s and A’s.” -C.R. (high school student)

2nd success a month later – “I’ve got straight A’s at school now!! When I first got here, my grades were mostly C’s and D’s. At my reading class, we have a rotation schedule that has similar reading and comprehension levels. In August, I was in the lowest level, and now that we started the new semester, I am in the highest level.” -C.R. (high school student)

*In less than three months, C.R. made Honor Roll and then Principal’s List and improved her reading scores from a 3rd grade level to a 9th grade level.

Kristen HarperStudent Success – Straight A’s in School Now!
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From trouble with letters to reading small books in just a few sessions!

“Prior to A. starting the tutoring program, he was having great difficulty not only blending the different sounds of the words, but even just the sounds of some of the individual letters themselves. He was getting frustrated and would cry, saying that he couldn’t read and was far behind.”

“Now, just a few sessions into the program, A. is reading! I practically cried when we sat down on the couch and he read a small book to me. A smirk on his face, no longer frustrated. When he doesn’t know a word, I watch him work it out in his head. I could not express how thankful and relieved I am. This has helped more than I could have ever imagined. Debbie is truly a Godsend, and so very patient with him from day one.” (T.A. -parent of 2nd grade student) *A. is pictured with his mom. 

Kristen HarperFrom trouble with letters to reading small books in just a few sessions!
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Another football athlete goes to college on scholarship!

“My name is J. and I recently graduated from Palm Harbor University High School. In the fall of this year I will be attending Doane University in Crete, Nebraska on full ride academic/athletic scholarship.”

“I want to thank Community Learning Center for all the help they gave me to achieve this goal. I was able to improve my SAT score from a 720 to a 1020 because of the Academic Booster Program at Community Learning Center. I also got a lot of help in math, which was a weak subject for me. I am graduating with all A’s and B’s and I got to exempt all my end of year exams because of my grades.”

“I am grateful for all the help that Jackie gave me on preparing me for the SAT and helping me learn study skills which will also help me in college. Jackie always made learning fun. I want to thank Jen for always pushing me and Sioux for helping me with reading and essays.” -J.D. (high school student and We Believe in Me athlete) *J. is pictured with his tutor, Jackie.

Kristen HarperAnother football athlete goes to college on scholarship!
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Honor Roll for the 1st time in her life!

sophie-davis-and-theresa-zeitz“My daughter S. has been coming to Clearwater (Community) Learning Center for two years now. She started in the 2nd grade. She was struggling to keep up in school. She hated school and didn’t want to go. As you can see, school has changed a lot since we have gone to school.

“The teachers tell you on Back to School night if your child falls behind, it is up to us as her parents to get her caught up. This can be very difficult considering they don’t send home her workbooks but pull pages out of them and send them home because they want the child to be doing the work, not the parent. We don’t know how they are doing the new math so when we show them how we were taught, it confuses them more. I learned pretty quickly that if I wanted my daughter to learn the basics like addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division that I would have to teach her.

“I still can’t believe they stopped giving spelling words after 1st grade. Then tell me we are going to the computer age and there is spell correct. Wow. You can imagine I’m just shocked about that.

“They (teachers) want them (students) to be able to pass these tests so they can have raises. My daughter is struggling to pass these tests.

“S’s tutor Theresa has filled an educational void and become her teacher. It has been a long road trying to play catch up while they keep pushing S. forward even though she is not ready for it. Finally, we are seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. She is learning her basics with Theresa and that is helping her in school. She is having fun doing it.

“S. is actually getting B’s and is on Honor Roll for the first time in her life. We couldn’t be more thrilled. We would like to say thank you for being there for not only our child but also all children who need help with learning.” -C.D. (mother)

Kristen HarperHonor Roll for the 1st time in her life!
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Teen Athlete Success!

Community Learning Center and We Believe in Me saving lives together!

Community Learning Center has partnered with the We Believe in Me Foundation to help teen athletes improve their skills, their grades and therefore, their chances of being accepted by universities. As a result, they also improve their ability to continue playing football through college. Community Learning Center helps these students improve their ACT and SAT scores so that they are better candidates; we teach them the study skills needed to be able succeed in every area of life. We Believe in Me helps your athlete through the college process, including how to improve your college application and work with recruiters.

Here is another example of a math success from a Community Learning Center and We Believe in Me teen athlete:

“I feel like you [my volunteer tutor] really helped me understand Algebra and its symbols. You broke each of them down to me by showing me, and having me find the meaning of the symbols. Then you explained how to set each problem up and remember how they are supposed to be set up. This became a real eye opener for me in Algebra.”D.M. (Community Learning Center and We Believe in Me student)

CLC Tutor Richard working with 2 WBIM students

Kristen HarperTeen Athlete Success!
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Another We Believe in Me Student Success!

Community Learning Center and We Believe in Me are changing lives!

Tah'Shim Knight (WBIM) Oct 2015 (3)“Today, I learned and revisited grammar and how to properly make complete sentences. I learned when to use verbs, colons, apostrophes and past/present tense. I also learned how to pick the best choice for a passage, making it as short as possible.”

“I took my PSAT (Preliminary SAT test) at school. I went in very confident. I feel the only reason I succeeded today on my PSAT is because of the Clearwater (Community) Learning Center. If it weren’t for the CLC I most likely would have winged my test. When I first came to the Center, they gave me two tutors. These two women gave me the knowledge I needed to be prepared. Thank you CLC for my two tutors. They taught me what I needed to prevail, such as past participle, parts of speech, clearing words and reading comprehension. I have now improved almost almost 3 full grade levels in comprehension!”–T.K. (CLC and We Believe in Me student)

Kristen HarperAnother We Believe in Me Student Success!
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We Believe in Me Student Success!

We Believe in Me -4 boys standing“After attending tutoring for awhile, I went back to school and was working on classwork. I started to notice more and more every day some of the things I am learning being tied into my teacher’s teaching. This tutoring has helped (me) gain back some advanced and some simple learning skills that are key in my learning.

I remember being taught back in 4th and 5th grade about my verbs, pronouns, and adjectives, but until tutoring, I couldn’t recall any of the information I was taught about them. I feel this program is amazing. I feel as if it has brought some of the great things I knew back from the dead.”–A.J. (Teen Student)

The Community Learning Center has been working with We Believe in Me Foundation student athletes to help improve their skills and grades in school so that they may continue to play football at university. We help these students with basic skills by filling in the gaps of their education programs and helping prepare them to take the ACT and SAT tests. Our students are better prepared for college because they learn how to study and how to overcome the barriers to study. We are creating independent learners who will become productive members of society. If you are interested in signing your teen athlete up for tutoring, please contact the Community Learning Center at (727) 441-4444. Scholarships are available to families who qualify.

Kristen HarperWe Believe in Me Student Success!
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Student Success!

Cayden Hansche 2015 (2)

CLC helped unlock my mind!

“Cayden came to the Community Learning Center early in 2015 while in third grade. He was struggling with reading comprehension and math and was failing in school. Sharon began to work with Cayden and he started understanding better. Her easy-going yet determined personality made it easy for him to like and trust her.

Cayden is now an Honor Roll student. He verbalized that ‘Ms. Sharon helped unlock my mind.'”–N.F. (grandparent)

*The family recently returned with Cayden’s sister who is now in 3rd grade. They want Sharon to “unlock” her mind, too.


Kristen HarperStudent Success!
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