February 2024

Fun Syllable Games for Kids

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Word Building Blocks:

  • Give your child  letter blocks or tiles and multi-syllable word cards. Have them build the words by arranging the blocks according to the syllables. This visual approach helps reinforce the structure of multi-syllable words.

Syllable Clap and Count:

  • Say multi-syllable words aloud and have your child clap or tap out the syllables as they say the word. This helps them break down the word into its individual parts and improves syllable awareness.

Word Race:

  • Divide a group of children into teams and set up a relay race where they have to run to a board, pick a multi-syllable word card, and correctly sound out the word before the next teammate goes up.

Syllable Sorting:

  • Write multi-syllable words on cards and have your child sort them based on the number of syllables. For example, they could sort words into categories of two-syllable, three-syllable, and four-syllable words.

Should your child need help with learning multi-syllable words, contact us at 727-441-4444. Our tutors can help.

Kristen HarperFun Syllable Games for Kids
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Fun Phonics Activities for Kids

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  • Letter Sound Matching:
    • Create flashcards with letters and corresponding pictures of objects that start with that letter sound. For example, a picture of an apple with the letter “A”. Have the child match the letter with the correct picture.
  • Phonics Bingo:
    • Make bingo cards with simple words or pictures representing words. Call out the words or letter sounds, and children can mark the corresponding word or picture on their bingo cards.
  • Alphabet Scavenger Hunt:
    • Hide alphabet cards around the room or outdoors. When children find a card, they can say the letter sound or a word that starts with that letter.
  • Word Family Sorting:
    • Create word family cards with a common ending (e.g., -at, -en, -ig). Have children sort picture or word cards into the correct word family category.
  • Rhyming Games:
    • Play rhyming games where children identify words that rhyme. For example, you can say a word like “cat” and have them come up with words that rhyme, such as “bat,” “hat,” or “mat.”
  • Phonics Hopscotch:
    • Draw a hopscotch grid with letters instead of numbers. Children can hop on the letters while saying the letter sounds or words that start with those letters.
  • Letter Sound Relay Race:
    • Divide children into teams and set up a relay race where they have to run to a board, pick a letter card, and say the letter sound before passing the card to the next teammate.

These games and activities can make learning phonics engaging and enjoyable for young learners, helping them build a strong foundation for reading and literacy. If you need extra help, feel free to call us at 727-441-4444

Kristen HarperFun Phonics Activities for Kids
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