July 2023

Back-to-School Tax-Free Shopping!

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Today begins a two-week Sales Tax Holiday so you can save on school supplies!

Items that qualify:

*Most school supplies selling for $50 or less

*Learning aids and jigsaw puzzles selling for $30 or less

*Clothing, footwear and accessories selling for $100 or less

*Computers and related accessories selling for $1,500 or less (when purchased for non-commercial and personal use)

Kristen HarperBack-to-School Tax-Free Shopping!
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Ways to Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills

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  1. Read aloud together: Make it a habit to read aloud to your child every day. This helps them develop a love for reading and exposes them to a variety of vocabulary and storytelling styles.
  2. Set aside daily reading time: Have them choose a convenient time each day to read independently. Encourage them to choose books from genres that they enjoy and find most interesting.
  3. Create a reading-friendly environment: Set up a cozy reading nook in your home with comfortable seating, good lighting, and a selection of age-appropriate books. Make sure it is a quiet and distraction-free space, where your child can concentrate on reading.
  4. Visit the library regularly: Take them to the library on a regular basis and let them choose their own books. Librarians can also recommend age-appropriate books and help your child find topics they are interested in.
  5. Encourage writing and storytelling: Encourage your child to write their own stories, poems, or journal entries. This helps them develop their writing skills and allows them to express their creativity.
  6. Be a reading role model: Make sure that your child knows why reading is so important and that they are going to need it in life. Encourage them to keep reading and to find the definition of any misunderstood words so they can always understand what they’re reading.
Kristen HarperWays to Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills
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