November 2017

CLC Tutoring Success!

“Since I. started at the Community Learning Center a few weeks ago, she has been doing much better in school with math. This area has been a big struggle for her, where she averaged B’s or C’s. At home, the math homework would take over an hour for one page and usually involved a lot of upset for her.”

“After only a few sessions with Debbie, her confidence has come way up. She’s able to connect in her mind how math works. She’s getting through all her homework much faster and her last quarterly report from school showed she is now averaging an A in math! I’m very appreciative to Debbie and the resources here for helping my daughter! It’s great to see I. bright and happy with math!” -G.L. (parent of a 4th grade student)

Kristen HarperCLC Tutoring Success!
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