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English Second Language Tutoring Success

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EXCELLENT SUCCESS LETTER -from an adult student:
“I am writing this letter to thank you for the wonderful teacher that I met here. 

Dear Ms. Sioux,

Your excellent teaching skills and courteous personality have helped me tremendously through my English language skills/essay teaching exams preparation process.

Without your helpfulness and directness, my learning process would have been more challenging. I appreciate you being stern and letting me know what I am doing wrong along with giving me ways I can correct my mistakes.

It is comforting to know that whenever I have a question you answer right away, which you know is all the time! I like that you refer to your personal work-related examples when teaching a lesson along with visual examples of different parts of language structure.

I have learned so much from you and I look forward to passing my tests. Thank you for being a remarkable teacher and I am very grateful to have you as a teacher.”


Jen NickersonEnglish Second Language Tutoring Success
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Pro Tutoring Student Success

“E. had an 83% in pre-algebra before we started tutoring with Sioux. That doesn’t sound too bad, right? But that was only because her homework was so good. She was flunking every test! After just a few weeks of tutoring, her grade is up to a 96% and her last two tests were A’s. She has so much more confidence about her math abilities. I can’t thank you enough! H.S. (parent of a 7th grader)

Kristen HarperPro Tutoring Student Success
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Siblings’ Success: From Struggling to Honor Roll

“Before coming to the CLC, my son’s grades were D’s and C’s. Since getting tutoring with Ms. Sioux, my son E. went from a D student to B’s and my son S. was on the Honor Roll for two grade periods. I am super grateful and happy they have gone up in grades. Thank you CLC!” –P.G. (mother of 4th and 3rd grade students)

Kristen HarperSiblings’ Success: From Struggling to Honor Roll
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Learning New Math Concepts

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STUDENT SUCCESS! “My tutor, Ms. Sioux, taught me lots of math subjects that I didn’t experience (understand) that well. Since she is my tutor, she has taught me the correct ways to get the math solutions correctly.” –D.L. (8th grade student) *D.L. is pictured with his CLC tutor Sioux.

Jen NickersonLearning New Math Concepts
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South African Siblings Succeed

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“I think I’m doing good and today I learned all about Roman numerals and I also got back my memory of how to times (multiply) decimals. Also, I learned on a map there are lots of different types of a scale.” -L.P. 

“I learned what the value of Roman numerals are and where the Arabic numerals come from.” -A.P.

“I learned all about Roman numerals and how to times decimals.” -N.P.

*3 sibling students pictured with their CLC tutor, Sioux!

Jen NickersonSouth African Siblings Succeed
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Homework Help Program Helps Students Succeed

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“I used to get F’s and D’s on my report card and now I’m getting A’s and B’s because I didn’t study and now that I come to the (Community Learning) Center, I study. I have fun here with all my friends including Ivonne (tutor).” -J.P. (5th grade student) Well done, David, for all of your hard work with J.P. It really is making a big difference!

*J.P. pictured with amazing CLC tutors Bitten (left), Ivonne (center) and David (right).

Jen NickersonHomework Help Program Helps Students Succeed
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Another Student Succeeds at Math

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PRO TUTORING STUDENT SUCCESS! “I got better at math by learning the definitions because I understood what the teacher was talking about when he used a certain term in class. I used to make low D’s and high F’s but now I’m making high C’s and B’s and I just received an A on my math test!” -J.G. (10th grade student)

Jen NickersonAnother Student Succeeds at Math
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Local Realtor Wins Good Neighbor Award

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Congratulations to Marnie Anderson Trainor who received the Good Neighbor Award from the Pinellas Realtor Organization today! Marnie’s stellar contributions over the past ten years resulted in a $1000 donation to Community Learning Center! From the bottom of our hearts, THANK YOU, MARNIE! We love you!

Marnie can be reached at

Jen NickersonLocal Realtor Wins Good Neighbor Award
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