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CLC Academy student meets award-winning chefs!

CLC Academy student, G., has been dreaming of becoming a chef. He often cooks at home for his mother, father and siblings and he imagines a day when he can help support his family through his profession.

CLC Executive Director, Jen Nickerson, arranged a trip for G. to meet two award-winning chefs. Zoltan (pictured on right) is an Executive Chef and Kevin (pictured on left) ranks #1 young chef in the United States and #2 in the world. They toured G. through their kitchen and shared so much about their occupation with this bright, young boy. G. was able to ask countless questions and was completely inspired by this amazing experience!

Kristen HarperCLC Academy student meets award-winning chefs!
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CLC Helping in the Community!

CLC Executives were honored to help a CLC Academy family build a new home with Habitat for Humanity Pinellas. Habitat brings community volunteers, corporate donors, civic organizations and faith groups together to build affordable homes for low-income families and individuals. CLC helped with caulking windows and doors, spray foam, exterior paint, clean up and more. We will return during Spring Break at the end of March to help with the final touches. Our CLC Academy family will move into their new home in April!

Kristen HarperCLC Helping in the Community!
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Community Learning Center volunteer spotlight

Community Learning Center would like to acknowledge Alma, our work study partner from Ultimate Medical Academy (UMA). Alma does art classes with our Community Learning Center Academy students and helps with many different projects around the center. She has many, many talents that have been put to use and her help is much appreciated.

Alma is studying to be a Medical Assistant at UMA and was recently designated a Student Ambassador. As a Student Ambassador, Alma is there to assist fellow students and represent the UMA program.

UMA helps their students who are studying for careers in the medical field with programs that pay UMA students for working with local non-profit businesses while they are attending classes.

The UMA students that we have had working with Community Learning Center have been an asset to our quest to improve education in the local community.

UMA offers programs in the medical field which include Dental Assistant, Medical Assistant, Certified Nursing Assistant and many more. Community Learning Center is proud to partner with UMA in helping students of all ages achieve their goals and dreams for a better future!

Kristen HarperCommunity Learning Center volunteer spotlight
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PostcardMania helps CLC kids with sports equipment donation!

The PostcardMania staff held a Christmas tree contest and one of the teams had a CLC theme. They pulled in donations of kick balls, footballs, basketballs, sports equipment and $181 cash for our school. They made it possible to have a full physical education program in our school with lots of fun sports activities! Owner Joy Gendusa and her amazing PostcardMania team are always greatly appreciated for all they do for CLC kids!

Kristen HarperPostcardMania helps CLC kids with sports equipment donation!
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CLC Tutoring Success!

“Since I. started at the Community Learning Center a few weeks ago, she has been doing much better in school with math. This area has been a big struggle for her, where she averaged B’s or C’s. At home, the math homework would take over an hour for one page and usually involved a lot of upset for her.”

“After only a few sessions with Debbie, her confidence has come way up. She’s able to connect in her mind how math works. She’s getting through all her homework much faster and her last quarterly report from school showed she is now averaging an A in math! I’m very appreciative to Debbie and the resources here for helping my daughter! It’s great to see I. bright and happy with math!” -G.L. (parent of a 4th grade student)

Kristen HarperCLC Tutoring Success!
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CLC Academy Student Success!

“When I first started in this school, I was at a 3rd grade level in math and spelling. By the end of the school year, I was at a 5th grade level in everything. I came up two whole grade levels in math and spelling! I really caught up on my grades. My favorite subject is reading. I also like geography. I have also learned percentages.”

“I like my friends, too. I like Alessandro except when he karate chops my body when he’s playing. I love all my teachers!” -A.W. (5th grade CLC Academy student)

Kristen HarperCLC Academy Student Success!
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Middle School graduate maintains Honor Roll all year!

“M. just finished his third year at the (Community) Learning Center. Bill has been his tutor for all three years and the results have been fantastic! M. maintained “honor roll” status the entire year. Out of the seven classes, he had four A’s and the rest were B’s.”

“This would not have been possible without Bill’s dedication and help. The (Community) Learning Center was vital in our son’s educational process.”

“M. got accepted into an Academic Magnet program for High School and we will again be keeping him at the (Community) Learning Center to ensure his future academic success. I can’t thank Bill enough for his role in making this happen. The Learning Center is a vital part in our Community and I feel fortunate that we have this center available to use right in our neighborhood.” (C.L. -Mother of Middle School graduate)

Kristen HarperMiddle School graduate maintains Honor Roll all year!
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From trouble with letters to reading small books in just a few sessions!

“Prior to A. starting the tutoring program, he was having great difficulty not only blending the different sounds of the words, but even just the sounds of some of the individual letters themselves. He was getting frustrated and would cry, saying that he couldn’t read and was far behind.”

“Now, just a few sessions into the program, A. is reading! I practically cried when we sat down on the couch and he read a small book to me. A smirk on his face, no longer frustrated. When he doesn’t know a word, I watch him work it out in his head. I could not express how thankful and relieved I am. This has helped more than I could have ever imagined. Debbie is truly a Godsend, and so very patient with him from day one.” (T.A. -parent of 2nd grade student) *A. is pictured with his mom. 

Kristen HarperFrom trouble with letters to reading small books in just a few sessions!
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Another football athlete goes to college on scholarship!

“My name is J. and I recently graduated from Palm Harbor University High School. In the fall of this year I will be attending Doane University in Crete, Nebraska on full ride academic/athletic scholarship.”

“I want to thank Community Learning Center for all the help they gave me to achieve this goal. I was able to improve my SAT score from a 720 to a 1020 because of the Academic Booster Program at Community Learning Center. I also got a lot of help in math, which was a weak subject for me. I am graduating with all A’s and B’s and I got to exempt all my end of year exams because of my grades.”

“I am grateful for all the help that Jackie gave me on preparing me for the SAT and helping me learn study skills which will also help me in college. Jackie always made learning fun. I want to thank Jen for always pushing me and Sioux for helping me with reading and essays.” -J.D. (high school student and We Believe in Me athlete) *J. is pictured with his tutor, Jackie.

Kristen HarperAnother football athlete goes to college on scholarship!
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2017 Summer Camp

Summer Camp excitement! The Community Learning Center is holding one-week educational camps this summer for kids ages 6 – 12 years old! Our field trips will relate to the weekly theme -for example, during Marine Biology week, the kids will be going to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium and the Tarpon Springs sponge docks/aquarium.

Each week, kids will enjoy arts and crafts, games, outdoor play, hands-on activities, summer water play, kid movies, cooking in the cafe and more. We also have several artists and musicians coming out to the Center to do workshops with the kids.  

For more info, please call us at (727) 441-4444.

Kristen Harper2017 Summer Camp
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