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Learn Multiplication through Games

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Multiplication War: Shuffle a deck of cards and deal out the cards between two people. Both people flip over the top card of their pile at the same time and say the answer of the number on each of the two cards when multiplied together. Whoever says the correct answer first gets both cards and the person with the most cards at the end wins the game.

Math Games With Dice: Roll two dice, multiply the two numbers, and then add that number to their total to create a running score.

Bingo Math: Create bingo sheets with random numbers on them. Call out multiplication equations and have them figure out the answers. Once a number is revealed, they can mark it off their sheet depending on if they have it or not. Whoever gets five numbers in a row on their sheet will have a bingo.

Multiplication Math Trails: Draw an irregular route on a piece of paper, covering it with different multiplication equations to solve in order to figure out the way.

Multiplication Race: Time how long it takes to solve multiple problems with the goal of beating their own record as they get faster.

Kristen HarperLearn Multiplication through Games