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Tips for Young Children Learning Addition

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  • Skip Counting:

Instead of counting by ones, try skip counting by twos, threes, fives, or tens. This not only reinforces multiplication skills, but also adds variety to counting.

  • Counting Objects:

Use everyday objects like toys, fruits, or candies to practice counting. This makes the process more tangible and relatable for young learners.

  • Counting with Songs:

Use counting songs or rhymes. There are many educational songs that teach counting in a catchy and memorable way.

  • Number Hunts:

Create scavenger hunts where kids have to find a certain number of items in the house or classroom. This encourages observational skills along with counting.

  • Number Puzzles:

Use puzzles that involve arranging numbers in order. This can be done with physical puzzles or digital ones on educational apps.

  • Number Flashcards:

Create or use number flashcards for quick drills or matching games.

  • Number Line Games:

Utilize a number line for counting activities. You can ask questions like “What comes after/before a certain number?” or play hopscotch on a number line.

  • Digital Apps and Games:

There are numerous educational apps and online games that make counting interactive and entertaining. Look for apps that align with your child’s age and learning level.

Kristen HarperTips for Young Children Learning Addition