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English Second Language Tutoring Success

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EXCELLENT SUCCESS LETTER -from an adult student:
“I am writing this letter to thank you for the wonderful teacher that I met here. 

Dear Ms. Sioux,

Your excellent teaching skills and courteous personality have helped me tremendously through my English language skills/essay teaching exams preparation process.

Without your helpfulness and directness, my learning process would have been more challenging. I appreciate you being stern and letting me know what I am doing wrong along with giving me ways I can correct my mistakes.

It is comforting to know that whenever I have a question you answer right away, which you know is all the time! I like that you refer to your personal work-related examples when teaching a lesson along with visual examples of different parts of language structure.

I have learned so much from you and I look forward to passing my tests. Thank you for being a remarkable teacher and I am very grateful to have you as a teacher.”


Jen NickersonEnglish Second Language Tutoring Success

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