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Ways to Help Your Child with Spelling

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  1. Drill daily: Make sure your child is keeping in the work to improve and progressively getting better day by day as he trains to become a better speller.
  2. Encourage spelling: Always acknowledge good work and remind him to keep it up. If he ever loses confidence, be willing to work with him and make learning more enjoyable.
  3. Make spelling fun: Incorporate games in the activities. Learning to spell will be much more fun when your child is able to look forward to games that will help with his progress.
  4. Let your child move at his own pace: Never rush him to learn anything that he’s not getting. Every child has his own gradient. Allow him to process what he is learning at his own pace. It is also important to recognize his progress. Don’t keep him on a spelling level that he has already spent enough time drilling. Acknowledge his progress and allow him to move on once he’s ready.
Kristen HarperWays to Help Your Child with Spelling