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Math Tutoring a Success!

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“I’ve used the Community Learning Center’s tutoring program for my daughter who had been struggling with certain subjects in school. She was able to get personalized attention in math and science where she was having the hardest time. The tutor (Debbie) is very patient and really made sure my daughter got the concepts of what she was studying and could use the information. My daughter’s grades went from D’s and C’s to A’s and B’s. She was much happier and looked forward to her tutoring each week. CLC was also flexible and allowed me to use a Saturday morning slot for tutoring since I couldn’t fit it into my schedule during the week.”

“This is a really great place whose focus is on improving education so kids really understand and can apply what they’ve learned, which I often find is sorely lacking in regular schooling.” –G.L. (mother of 5th grade student)

Jen NickersonMath Tutoring a Success!