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CLC’s Butterfly Garden Has New Life

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The butterfly garden is exploding with life at Community Learning Center!  Below are just a few pictures we took of the little (and not so little) guys.

Here are some fun facts about butterflies:

  • Eastern monarchs overwinter in Central Mexico
  • Females lay between 300 and 500 eggs.
  • It takes about two weeks for a monarch to hatch from its cocoon to complete its transformation to a butterfly!
  • Monarch butterflies that hatch in the late summer or early fall head for warmer weather.  Ours head for Central Mexico!
  • Monarch butterflies will drink nectar from flowers, including milkweed.
  • Monarch caterpillars only eat milkweed.
  • The caterpillars eat for about 2 weeks before turning into a cocoon!
  • The generation of monarchs that migrate live for several months so that they can make the journey back.
  • There are four generations of monarchs born each year.
  • They live for about 6 to 8 months.
Jen NickersonCLC’s Butterfly Garden Has New Life