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Teen Success Story

Sherrod Robinson tutoring sister -smallerTeens Tutoring with Technology Program Success

“My time as a tutor was a blast!  I learned the barriers to learning and the huge problem of the misunderstood word.  Not understanding a word can throw off your whole train of thought.  This program also helped me confront situations in a different, more acceptable manner while in training.  I was introduced to new words, the basics of learning and the power of vocabulary.  Most of the time I was also being tutored myself in math which helped me in school.  I’m in love with words and my vocabulary has increased.  Me being a teen raised in a rough place (South St. Pete), I never thought I’d have as much knowledge as I do now, and me being a tutor knocked that thought to the side.”

S.R. (Teen Tutor – Teens Tutoring with Technology program)


Kristen HarperTeen Success Story