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Teen Success Story

Alexia Singletary and CLC studentTeens Tutoring with Technology

“I learned a lot of things that helped me understand the way we learn and the effects of barriers to study. During the process, I also created a bond with Jada, my student, and I didn’t expect that at all. I feel that I helped Jada with phonics and basics that she needed help with. I hope that she continues to use the skills that she has learned. This program has opened my eyes about teacher-student relationships and I am happy that I’ve had the once in a lifetime opportunity of helping someone else reach their academic goals. I’m just sad that it has to end because I’m going to miss Jada a lot. But this program taught me something I will use forever and that’s improving my communication skills.”

Alexia (Teen Tutor – Teens Tutoring with Technology program)

Kristen HarperTeen Success Story