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Student Success – Straight A’s in School Now!

1st success – “Since I came from another country I was doing bad in school because I didn’t have that much language structure. So I started the tutoring, and in less than two months I was able to improve from 180 to 215 words in the Florida system (testing). My grades last grading period were C’s and D’s. Now I have all B’s and A’s.” -C.R. (high school student)

2nd success a month later – “I’ve got straight A’s at school now!! When I first got here, my grades were mostly C’s and D’s. At my reading class, we have a rotation schedule that has similar reading and comprehension levels. In August, I was in the lowest level, and now that we started the new semester, I am in the highest level.” -C.R. (high school student)

*In less than three months, C.R. made Honor Roll and then Principal’s List and improved her reading scores from a 3rd grade level to a 9th grade level.

Kristen HarperStudent Success – Straight A’s in School Now!