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Parent Tip – Reading at Dinnertime

Reading at Dinnertime

A message adapted from the Wall Street Journal 1980


At the dinner table

Read something

Out loud

To your family,

Tomorrow night

Let another member

Read something:

A news story,

A Bible verse, 

A poem,

A cereal box panel, 

History, Humor, 


Each night

A different family member

Can read

A selection.

Imagine the wide range

Of subjects

Your family will read 

In 365 days.

A stimulating way

To have your children

Develop good reading habits.

There are millions

Of illiterate adults

In America.

We wouldn’t have one,

If each of them

Had been served reading 

As part of their nightly diet.

It’s non-fattening

But enriching.

And doesn’t cost a dime.

Kristen HarperParent Tip – Reading at Dinnertime