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Middle School graduate maintains Honor Roll all year!

“M. just finished his third year at the (Community) Learning Center. Bill has been his tutor for all three years and the results have been fantastic! M. maintained “honor roll” status the entire year. Out of the seven classes, he had four A’s and the rest were B’s.”

“This would not have been possible without Bill’s dedication and help. The (Community) Learning Center was vital in our son’s educational process.”

“M. got accepted into an Academic Magnet program for High School and we will again be keeping him at the (Community) Learning Center to ensure his future academic success. I can’t thank Bill enough for his role in making this happen. The Learning Center is a vital part in our Community and I feel fortunate that we have this center available to use right in our neighborhood.” (C.L. -Mother of Middle School graduate)

Kristen HarperMiddle School graduate maintains Honor Roll all year!