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Fantastic seminar on Economics

Pat CloudenHow to Survive and Thrive in any Economy                  – a seminar by Pat Clouden


10:00am to 2:00pm
New Community Learning Center Building
1411 N Fort Harrison Ave, Clearwater, FL

$50 donation includes seminar and lunch and all of the donation goes to renovations for the new Community Learning Center building

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    • Find out what problem almost any person has in our society…and what the solution is!
    • Understand the “mystery” of inflation and deflation (it’s not as complicated as the “experts” want us to believe) and the TRUE basics of economics—the prerequisite to being cause over the subject.
    • Find out how to turn around a business that is contracting and rebuild it bigger than it ever was—no matter what the government or the bankers are doing.
    • Discover the TWO best things to do when times get tough so you can be free of the worries and stresses connected with losing income. Should you buy gold?
    • Learn how a man becomes a slave to his job and the simple thing you can do to become a free man again.
Kristen HarperFantastic seminar on Economics